Lisbon – Foundation Series 4rd Edition 2022

To make it safer for everybody to come to Portugal without thinking in any restrictions we have the pleasure to announce the P-DTR Foundation Seminars 4th Edition in Portugal in new dates!

Here are the confirmed dates:

Module 1 - May 10th to the 14th 
Module 2 - August 13th to the 17th
Module 3 - October 17th to the 21st 

The goal of Neuro New Me is to make the students as focused as possible on the education and study part of the entire seminar. In order for that to happen we organize everything apart from the course. Lunches, dinners, hotel, everything is thought of so you don't have to think about a thing. 

We have a package deal with the hotel that can be included in the total cost for the seminar so you can save money with accommodation.  Drop us a message in order to get more information.

Time off during the seminars are a big part of learning. We take that very seriously so we organize a very relaxed environment with lunches and dinners as well as some tourism so you get to know the local most famous places. This time, since it'll be Spring and Summer time, all the local terraces, beaches, bars, etc will be on the menu as well.

We know that P-DTR topics are really demanding and students should have extra support before starting Module 1 in order to make everything much easier.   With that said, 3 preparation study groups are scheduled to get you in the most important content to succeed in the course.

Having support during the seminars is a must have so you can ask questions and get answers from different Advanced practitioners. We have several assistants, from different backgrounds, that will be ready to answer your questions before, during and after the course. You won't have to keep your questions, you'll just have to call or ask in Foundations Lisboa whatsapp group, and get your answers as fast as possible.

We will only have 25 spots for this seminar to keep the learning experience the best possible. 
Save your spot in as fast as possible and come be a part of this really advanced group of Health Professionals.

See you in Lisboa!!