Lisboa – P-DTR Visual Diagnostics 2 2023


It’s official!  P-DTR VISUAL DIAGNOSTICS 2 is being launched in Portugal!  We have the honor to host it in December 11th to the 14th in LISBOA! More information about the topics and the venue in Enroll as fast as you can because spots will fly! This are the topics covered:

Visual Diagnostics will happen in December 11th to 14th in Lisboa. We won’t have many spots for this one so, if you won’t to secure your spot I suggest you do it fast.
Here are the topics:

Movements: active vs passive 
Resting - Stabilizing - Active

Movements start from distal or proximal ends, depending of goal

Movement of one joint
Movement to reach something
Movement to throw something 
Movement to restore neutral position

Movement if stabilizing muscles are weak

Hypertonic muscles increase the range of motion in direction of movement and reduce it in opposite direction 

Muscular action depends on the activity of some synergists and for some antagonists

Example:  SCM is a flexor, rotator or lateral flexor, and depends on this activity

Pelvic categories vs Cloacals  vs just weakness of specific muscles. 



Dysfunction during movement.

PMRF vs Tonic symmetrical in nociception

Movements of the clavicle

Pilus starting to walk dysfunction


Middle foot joints affect proximal joint muscles.

More common in feet, but present in wrists and hands too!
If the primary priority is not a Nociceptor, almost sure will be another fractal nearby with Noci priority.  Specially if pain.