Kraków, Poland — Visual Diagnostic Master Class 2019


For the first time in Poland P-DTR Masterclass level! We are thrilled to invite You to take part in a course devoted to P-DTR practitioners! If You are eager to gain knowledge about visual diagnosis and update your P-DTR skills then You are in the right place. Discover how to work quicker and more effectively with your patients.


  • Neurophysiology of movements.
  • Rules of seeing.
  • What is a normal physiological posture? Optimal static and dynamics.
  • Rules of stability.
  • Signs of abnormal posture and movements.
  • Mechanisms of compensations. Vestibular, visual, visceral, sensory and proprioceptive compensatory systems and how to see them.
  • How to see the compensatory patterns with hyoid, talus, eyes and cerebellum.
  • Static visual diagnostics.
  • Dynamic visual diagnostics.
  • Over compensation.  Under compensation
  • Tertiaries function and their purpose
  • Visual diagnostics of gait, and pathological gait patterns.
  • Pathological dynamic stereotypes.
  • Pathological conditional reflexes in movements.
  • Inhibition patterns in pathological movements.
  • Visual diagnostics of exercises, how to assess clients in the gym and improve their performance in functional training.
  • Common inhibition patterns in functional training.
  • Re-education.
  • How body compensates: Eyes compensation 2) Hioides compensation 3) talus compensation 
  • General body compensation
  • Dysfunction or compensation between Hyoids and eyes
  • How to know if its virtual or primary or secondary, or priority by visual diagnosis 
  • Weak muscles caused by weak Core muscles

During the course we will focus on extremely effective visual diagnosis method, which is used to find major disorders in patient's body. The course is dedicated to therapists who successfully completed all P-DTR levels: basic, intermediate, advanced, and are continuously using P-DTR method in their treatment. During the classes it is possible to exchange experiences with other certified instructors from foreign countries. You can also enjoy Your time after class in Bania's Thermal Baths and skiing slopes. If you require any help with hotel booking and taxi transport from and to the airport please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist and get things organised for You.

  • Places are limited so do not wait and sign up today! 

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Looking forward to see You in March!


Master Class: We are hosting this event in Hotel Bania **** Thermal & Ski

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MASTER CLASS: 21 – 24 March 2019


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Places are limited so don’t wait and join us in Poland. 

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