Palmar Mandibular Reflex Treated by P-DTR

This reflex (also called Babkin) is active from birth and normally should be inhibited by 4 months of age. If it stays active, a child might experience problems with written and verbal expressions, fine motor skills, posture, balance and speech problems. Many methods try to suppress primitive reflexes with exercises, which do not treat the cause. In P-DTR, we can find the cause of a prolonged reflex activity and answer why it is still active. Normally, the primitive reflexes are temporary solutions for the further adaptation of a child and should be replaced with mature behavior patterns at a certain time. If for some reason the mature response is impaired, the primitive reflex will remain active to help the adaptation at the cost of developmental side effects mentioned above. P-DTR diagnoses and treats primitive reflexes in literally less than 5 minutes.